Hot topics within Earth and Planetary sciences (June 2011)

Every third month Science direct lists the twentyfive hottest articles within a specific field of research. The list is based on number of downloads for each article. Unfortunately there is a lagtime between the download count over a three month period and the time the list is published, e.g the Hot topics list today (12/11 2011) still displays the most downloaded papers during March to June 2011. But still, it is a good indicator if one wants to find out where the research focus was a few months ago 🙂

Based on the Science Direct list for March to June 2011 I have compiled the three hottest topics within Earth and Planetary sciences, and these are:

  1. Ecology/Paleoecology 10/25
  2. Climate/global change 8/25
  3. Water treatment/resources 3/25

This definitely tells us that there is a high demand on research concerning the ecological impact of climate and global change, whether it concerns changes that are going on today or in the past. It also indicates that there is a lot of focus on our freshwater resources and their quality.

Important issues to consider for us all.


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