Archaeopteryx had black wings!

New exciting research by Ryan M. Carney and Jakob Vinther et al. has just been published in Nature Communications: “New evidence on the colour and nature of the isolated Archaeopteryx feather”. Their studies show that the colour of the 150 million year old fossil feather from an Archaeopteryx was with 95% probability black and also that this particular feather was one of the wing pens.

Hence, the traditional reconstructions of Archaeopteryx with green and blue feathers will now have to be updated. Perhaps it looked more like a blackbird than a turkey? 🙂

An interview in Danish with Jakob Vinther and some images can be found here!


1 thought on “Archaeopteryx had black wings!

  1. The feather seems not to be associated with an archaeopteryx fossil. I have seen nothing in the popular reports of this work that explains how the workers know the feather came from an archaeopteryx. Ryan Carney did not say in the video how he knew it was an archaeopteryx feather and not a bird feather. Haven’t the discoveries in China shown that birds already existed alongside these bird-like theropods? Maybe it is exactly like a bird feather because that is what it is!

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