An issue of plants…

In a new issue of Nature Geoscience: Earth shaped by plants several interesting papers on plant related topics have been gathered for all us botany/palaeobotany interested geeks to feast on 🙂

The issue includes:

A feature/focus article by Timothy M. Lenton et al. on how the expansion of terrestrial vegetation in the Late Ordovician ca 440 million years ago cooled the atmosphere and triggered the growth of ice sheets.

A review article by Gibling & Davies on how the development of terrestrial vegetation changed the fluvial style of rivers and shaped the landscapes over a 250 million year period, from the Cambrian to the carboniferous.

As well as a selection of papers from the archives, amongst which are two articles dealing with the Triassic/Jurassic boundary, namely the paper by Belcher et al. (2010) on charcoal and wildfires in the T/J boundary record of Greenland, and a News and views story by Bas van de Schootbrugge (2010) discussing that very subject.

"What would life be without plants?"


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