Updates on our TJ-boundary project

The Triassica site has been silent because I have been on vacation and on a great five week fieldwork to North Greenland – which was great except for the fact that I missed out on the apparently best Swedish summer in years, and now autumn is on its way…

Scenery from North Greenland summer 2013 (Photo by Sofie lindström)

Scenery from North Greenland summer 2013 (Photo by Sofie Lindström)

Here are some news from our Geocenter Denmark financed Triassic-Jurassic (TJ) boundary project:

We have published a new paper on the Rhaetian coals of southern Sweden, which amongst all the interesting data also includes a beautiful artistic reconstruction of a Rhaetian forest mire: 

Petersen, H.I, Lindström, S., Therkelsen, J., Pedersen, G.K. 2013. Deposition, floral composition and sequence stratigraphy of the uppermost Triassic (Rhaetian) coastal coals, southern Sweden. International Journal of Coal Geology 116-117, 117-134.

We are now also advertising for a PhD-student for our TJ-boundary project, a collaboration between three institutes within Geocenter Denmark: the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS), the  the Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management (DGN) at Copenhagen University, and the Department of Geosciences at Århus University. The PhD-position is placed at the Department of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management (DGN), and the successful candidate will perform research on high-resolution chemo- and cyclostratigraphic analysis with the goal of deciphering local to global changes of environmental redox and carbon cycle perturbations through the end Triassic (Rhaetian) early Jurassic (Pliensbachian), and assessing the pacing of the ecosystem pertubation. You can read the full description here.

We are looking forward to receiving applications from potential candidates 🙂