EGU2014: Highlight Tuesday

The number 1 highlight of Tuesday was the Arthur Holmes medal lecture by Kevin C.A. Burke: Plume Generation Zones On The Core Mantle Boundary: their origin and what they tell about how the Earth works – and how it has worked.

Kevin Burke giving his medal lecture at the EGU2014

Kevin Burke giving his medal lecture at the EGU2014

Burke, who due to health issues had to remain seated during his hour-long lecture, captivated his audience with his warm and humoristic and insightful review on how and where in the Earth’s interior volcanic plumes are formed. If you are interested in large igneous provinces, flood basalts, hot spots etc I strongly recommend you to check out the streamlined talk at the EGU2014 website.


Attending the European Geosciences Union General Assembly EGU2014

This year I am attending the European Geisciences Union General Assembly or for short the EGU2014 meeting in Vienna, Austria, 27 April – 2 May. The EGU meetings are BIG! Geoscientists everywhere! More than 600 sessions, workshops and short courses. A multitude of geotopics with something for everyone.

I arrived yesterday, so  I have only attended half a session so far, but I have seen plenty of posters and met many colleagues. Today I am especially looking forward to the Arthur Holems Medal lecture by Kevin C.A. Burke on “Plume Generation Zones on the core mantle boundary: their origin and what they tell us about how the Earth works – and how it has worked”. And also to spend the afternoon at session SSP2.3: “Late Palaeozoic and Mesozoic stratigraphy, paleoceanography and paleoclimate” (sponsored by the IAS).

I am also co-author on a poster in the session “Rifts and rifted margins: The sedimentary, volcanic and crustal architecture”, so I have to check out that. The poster is entitled “Pre-breakup age of East Greenland Ridge strata” by Tove Nielsen, Morten Bjerager, Sofie Lindström, Henrik Nøhr-Hansen, Tine L. Rasmussen (Abstract).

It’s going to be a busy but fun day 🙂