In memoriam: Jan Bergström, Professor Emeritus in Palaeozoology at NRM

Today I was reached by the sad news that Jan Bergström, Professor Emeritus in Palaeozoology at the Swedish Museum of Natural History passed away on Saturday the 17th of November after a long period of illness.

Jan Bergström did his PhD on the biology and systematics of trilobites, and although much of his research was dedicated to early arthropods, he had also worked on brachiopods and written several important papers on the regional geology of Sweden. His paper, co-authored with Erik Norling: “Mesozoic and Cenozoic tectonic evolution of Scania, southern Sweden” published in Tectonophysics in 1987, has been cited in many of my own papers and reports.

In 1989 he was appointed Professor and Chair of Palaeozoology at the Swedish Museum of Natural History in Stockholm. There he continued to develop his research on early arthropods, with a lot of the work focusing on the Chengjiang biota together with international colleagues.

I especially remember Jan Bergström from my years at the Department of Geology at Lund University, where he was a frequent  and well known guest attending seminars or meeting with colleagues. Having once worked at that same institute, and also at the Swedish Geological Survey in Lund, he had many friends and old colleagues there, and always seemed to have a keen interest in the research carried out at there.

He left behind an extensive list of publications, both peer-reviewed and popular science articles.

My thoughts go to his family and close friends.